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201 Willowbrook Blvd.
Wayne, NJ 07470
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General Information

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” - Albert Einstein

Our facility echoes our overall belief that kids learn, play and grow best in spacious, clean and comfortable surroundings. Each room is uniquely designed for specific age group. For example, infant rooms are equipped with changing tables and sinks, and a separate section for play/crawl where the toddler and preschool rooms each have its own bathrooms. Each classroom is carefully planned out with areas and stations that engage and challenge our children’s individual needs and interests. For example, our infant play areas include soft toys, jumpers, baby gyms, soft climbing structures and ball pits.

Play spaces for toddlers and older children include:

Because we understand that any and all learning must be balanced with having fun and running around we build and indoor and an outdoor playground.

A note about security: The safety and security of our children is our number one priority. Notably, our faculty is designed with safety in mind, and as such, our infant and youngest toddler rooms are located closest to the main exit. Our front and back doors are operated by key and access code and are always locked from the inside. Our policies mandate that only a pre-approved person known to the staff can pick up the child from our facility. In cases of emergency, our facility is equipped with an evacuation plan and all of our staff is trained on emergency procedures.

Our facility is equipped with a state of the art video monitoring system. The system allows you to remotely observe you child go through his/her day from your computer or a smart device.