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Hatchlings (6 Weeks to 14 Months)

At the Kids Unlimited, your baby safety and healthy development is our top priority. Our infant’s rooms are spacious, bright and cheerfully decorated. Our infants never sleep and play in the same space; play area is separated from the sleeping area. Each classroom includes a fridge for storing baby’s milk and foods. We strongly believe good hygiene practices are vital to the health of our infants. Cribs and toys are sterilized daily. Disposable covering placed over the changing table before laying the infant on the surface. The changing table is always disinfected with a child-safe sanitizer solution after each diaper change. Our caregivers are dressed in clean, colorful scrubs.

We follow a strict feeding/sleeping schedule supplied by the parent. Each day the parents are provided with a written synopsis of the child’s day – this includes a summary of the feedings, diaper changes, and naps that the child took that day. Of course if there is any other information you would want us to capture, please let us know. We also document all milestones met by your child.

We engage and stimulate our infants. For our youngest, we provide various sensory exercises and color stimulation. Crawling infants have a large play room filled with soft toys that awakens their senses and spurs development. We interact with, read to, and play with your baby to stimulate his or her growth in the most critical period of formation—when he or she is learning how to observe, experiment, grasp, roll, crawl, pull, sit up, and learn to take his or her first step. Just like you would in your own home, we sit on floor with your baby to play, help him or her crawl, and teach him or her to reach for toys while plenty of attention, positive reinforcement and love. We speak to your child, tell stories, and read picture books; we build association between sounds, words and movements through interaction and play.

We work hard to provide a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment that will foster your baby’s physical and emotional development. We appreciate the uniqueness of every child – and we care for the needs of every child as an individual. We appreciate you trusting us with your infant's care and education, and we're committed to making our home away from home easy and natural for you and your child.

Infant caregivers are certified in CPR and First Aid.