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Our Philosophy

With the belief that every child is unique and deserves the very best in education. A respectful, caring bond with children and their parents are the vital foundation for a wonderful early childhood education experience. Parents are the child’s first and most important teachers. Children learn through play, we, learn easiest and best when having fun.

As the little one’s venture into the world, everyone they encounter, are teachers. All adults are teachers in our classrooms not just the teacher. They are trained to respect the special position they hold within the school and our children’s environment. Accessible to the children are age appropriate resources available everywhere in the classroom. Children should be able to depend on their classroom community by the consistency of guidance and schedule of routines that are present. By doing this we provide that feeling of safety associated with predictability for child’s needs and expectations.

James & Virginia Kids Unlimited provides a program that is play-based and nurtures a child's natural desire to learn. By maintaining a purposeful environment for teaching and assisting the child to bridge current knowledge to advance understandings. Our educators, guide, help and instruct via group time, free play and individualized learning allowing the child to develop at their own pace, giving them a life- long love of learning.